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Classes with The New Urban Farmers
Please check back shortly for more information


How to Vermicompost - Check back for new dates - Learn how to vermicompost with Red Wigglers! You can turn your produce peels and spoiled foods in to fresh clean organic soil! It’s so easy and great for your garden (and houseplants too). We will teach you how to create a home for your worms, what to feed them, how to harvest black gold, and everything you need! Never waste again and start vermicomposting!


The Seed Life Cycle - Check back for new dates - Learn the seed life cycle with us. We will teach you how to collect seeds from your garden and how to prepare and store them for next year. We will even cover the best ways to start your seeds in spring, what nutrients are needed through the growth period and when to sow or start inside. Save seeds and you’ll save green!


Urban Survival kit - Check back for new dates - Learn how to make the most of your urban landscape. We will teach you how to grow food and be green even in the smallest city apartments. From container gardens to small bio-intensive gardens we’ll show you how to maximize your growing space. Learn how to use recycled goods and collect rain so you get the most of your city address.


Make Tsukemono At Home - Check back for new dates - Learn how you can make Tsukemono at home! It is a fun easy why to make healthy pickles. We will teach you japanese pickling recipes that you will love.


This seasons classes will be offered to all ages, so come learn with us. Each class is FREE - yes, free! The dates and locations will be announced very soon so please check back soon.
If you have any questions or want to sign up right now please email us at ask@newurbanfarmers.org.