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Pawtucket and Central Falls

Our Aquaponic Dome Greenhouses Kickstarter Project


We launched our Kickstarter project for our aquaponic dome greenhouses! Your help is needed to build sustainable heating sources in our domes to grow food year round. We have until Nov. 15th at 11:59 p.m. to reach our goal. Please help in any way you can - from a pledge of any size to forwarding our page to friends and family. For any amount you give, you will receive a personal gift from us. Please view our project here. We truly appreciate your support.


New Urban Farmers work to increase healthy food access and nurture minds in the cities of Pawtucket, Central Falls and surrounding areas by eliminating barriers to healthy food and empowering low-income individuals, families, and at-risk-youth with education and collaboration. Through a small system of satellite farms within the city - not only can we grow food but we can rebuild our community - Growing minds is our job - what grows from there is limitless! It is our belief that the community that grows together - GROWS together! Please come visit our farm soon and see what we can all do to grow our own food, in our own spaces, all year long.


A huge thank you to the 250 people who took time out of their day to participate in our 3rd Annual Harvest Jubilee in celebration of Food Day!

Please check for updates on our blog and on Facebook. If you want to get involved in some great projects and help our grassroots group grow please check out our calendar for volunteer days and events or send us an email at We will keep you posted with either email or snail mail updates - you pick! If you would rather send a letter please click here for our address



Thanks for all the support Rhode Island!